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With one in four people experiencing mental health problems every year in England, our speakers are essential in the quest for optimum emotional wellbeing. Popular among event organisers and business leaders alike, psychotherapy experts are booked to share techniques for mental resilience, discuss their own experiences and leave a lasting impact on audiences. Our leading speakers dismantle harmful stereotypes to promote understanding and empowerment.

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Featured Mental Health Speakers

Jonny Wilkinson

Winner of the 2003 Rugby World Cup & Advocate for Anxiety Awareness

Frankie Bridge

Former Singer-Songwriter for S Club 8 and The Saturdays, MIND Ambassador and Mental Health Advocate

Victoria Pendleton

Double Olympic Gold Medallist & Nine Time Cycling World Champion

Kelly Holmes

Two-time Olympic Gold Medallist & Podcaster on What Do I Do? Mental Health and Me

Rio Ferdinand

BT Sports Pundit & Former Captain for Manchester United & England

Katie Piper

Acid Attack Survivor, Founder of the Katie Piper Foundation & Mental Health Advocate

How do I Hire a Mental Health Speaker?

Booking a mental health speaker is as easy as one, two, three; contact our team, discuss your requirements and choose a speaker from the tailored selection provided. Our booking agents have hired leading psychology experts and mental health advocates for events across the globe, including virtual and in-person events. To hire a mental health speaker, contact a booking agent by calling 0203 9816 296, completing our online contact form or emailing today!

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Mental Health Speaker?

As with all public speakers, there is no single cost for hiring a mental health speaker. From their experience to whether your event requires travel, several factors can determine the price of a speaker. At The Mental Health Speakers Agency, we cater to all budget sizes, with the average cost of a mental health speaker ranging from £750 to £60,000, so give us a call today to discuss your financial parameters.

Who are the Best Mental Health Speakers for 2024?

Mental health is one of the most important topics of 2024. From psychologists perfect for academic conferences to celebrities famed for their mental health advocacy, we have speakers to suit all requirements. If you are in need of inspiration on who to hire, take a look at our selection of the Top 11 Mental Health Speakers for Corporate Conferences, now!

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At The Mental Health Speakers Agency, our roster includes psychologists, sports stars and those who have personally experienced mental health issues.

Whatever your requirements, we have leading speakers to suit your audience, and make a lasting impact.

Their topics teach guests the importance of psychological wellbeing, through helpful tips and empowering stories. Our speakers supply valuable strategies for strengthening emotional resilience.

Key Dates For 2024

Time to Talk is a mental health campaign that focuses on the power of communication. Taking place on the 2nd of February 2024, the day recognises the damaging stigma surrounding mental health disorders, like anxiety and depression, to change perceptions. A mental health speaker will teach your audience how to hold honest, open conversations about their wellbeing. Find out more about Time to Talk Day.

Celebrated from the 1st to the 30th of April, Stress Awareness Month is an integral event in the mental health calendar. For business owners, the month draws valuable attention to the effects of workplace stress, born from high-pressure environments and fatigue. Mental Health speakers teach the power of balance in the battle against stress. 

With a different theme every year, with the theme of ‘Anxiety’ in 2023, Mental Health Awareness Week highlights the many aspects of emotional wellbeing, like communication and a work/life balance. The event has been running for over two decades and is celebrated from the 13th to the 19th of May. Our wide range of speakers are the perfect spokespeople for Mental Health Awareness, as their personal experiences will relate to all in attendance. Discover more about Mental Health Awareness Week.

Recognised by the World Health Organisation, World Mental Health Day takes place on the 10th of October annually. The event encourages mental health workers, like nurses and therapists, to supply insight into their roles, in a bid to destigmatise emotional support. Our mental health speakers empower actionable change through their poignant and educational talks. Take a look at our selection of mental health speakers, perfect for corporate conferences celebrating World Mental Health Day here: Top 11 Mental Health Speakers for Your Corporate Conference.

Taking place on the first Wednesday of every November, National Stress Awareness day highlights the harm caused by constant stress. Though stress is important, it can lead to burnout and mental health disorders, reflecting the importance of stress awareness. Our specialist speakers are experts at cultivating a low-stress, high-resilience workplace where employees can thrive.