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The Best 10 Speakers for World Mental Health Day 2023

Mental health is an important factor in day-to-day life, affecting every person on the planet. Whether you have positive mental health or are suffering from mental health issues, it is vitally important to speak out about mental health to eliminate stigma. Our selection of the 10 best speakers for Mental Health Day 2023 are all experts in their respective fields and empower others to speak out on mental health issues.

When Is World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day takes place annually on the 10th of October.

Source: Mind.Org

Why is World Mental Health Day Celebrated?

World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually to give people from all walks of life the opportunity to speak openly about mental health. The day emphasises the importance of speaking about mental health, how to look after mental health and what to do if you are struggling with mental health issues.

How Can I Get Involved With World Mental Health Day?

A fantastic way to get involved with World Mental Health Day is by organising workshops and talk sessions, which will create a safe and secure environment for people to speak about their mental health without judgement. You can also share World Mental Health Day graphics on social media, or show your support by wearing a green ribbon – an international symbol for mental health awareness.

Why Should I Book A Speaker For World Mental Health Day 2023

A fantastic way to celebrate World Mental Health Day 2023 is by booking an expert mental health speaker, who will help to eliminate the stigma surrounding the subject and generate honest and open conversations.

The 10 Best Mental Health Speakers to Book for 2023:

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Neil Laybourn

Co-Founder of Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma & Ambassador for Mental Health UK

Neil Laybourn is a highly passionate mental health advocate, who realised his passions when he saw Jonny Benjamin on Waterloo Bridge about to end his own life. Taking the time to speak with Jonny, Neil was able to talk Jonny down and save his life. After the campaign ‘#FindMike’, Jonny and Neil were eventually reunited, since having worked together to eliminate stigma surrounding mental health issues. Now the co-founder of Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma and an official Ambassador for Mental Health UK, book Neil to feel empowered and speak openly on mental health.

“Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for sharing your story with our Bank of Ireland team this morning – the feedback has been amazing! While that’s lovely in itself, even more importantly is that you will have made a difference to some of our people who didn’t know how they could find the ‘person on the bridge’ that they might be needing to talk to. A huge thank you, really well done and my very best wishes to you both”Ian, CEO, Bank of Ireland UK

Harnaam Kaur

Inspirational catwalk model, PCOS sufferer & TEDx speaker ‘Empowerment Through Confidence’

Harnaam Kaur has spent most of her life battling with her mental health, having been diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome which has caused her to grow facial hair. Despite the adversity she has faced, Harnaam has turned her negatives into positives and is now enjoying a career as a catwalk model and activist for mental health awareness.

Claiming a Guinness World Record for being the youngest woman in the world to sport a full beard and having delivered the TEDx talk Empowerment Through Confidence, Harnaam empowers all to be proud of who they are no matter how they look. When booked as a mental health speaker, Harnaam spreads positivity and encourages people to have confidence in themselves through sharing her personal story.

Daniel Lerner

Instructor of New York University’s ‘The Science of Happiness’ Course

Daniel Lerner is highly regarded for his work as an author, coach and speaker, who specialises in happiness, achieving excellence and success. Sharing his knowledge of positive psychology, Daniel is currently the instructor of The Science of Happiness at New York University, spreading the importance of managing stress and anxiety.

Also the author of U Thrive: How to Succeed in College & Life, a book that advises on top tips for making lifelong positive decisions, Daniel helps all to better understand emotions and how emotions affect performance. Book Daniel as a mental health speaker today, to better understand negative and positive emotions and how to manage these feelings.

“He has such a rich background on so many topics, but what I love about Dan is how he delivers his sessions. They are full of real life scenarios, current research and funny stories. I am not surprised his class at NYU, ‘The Science of Happiness’ is one of the most popular on campus! When you see Dan teach, you immediately sense his intelligence, intellectually AND emotionally. He has worked with corporate executives, elite musicians, and athletes on how to enhance their performance and use positive psychology to build and sustain success. Dan knows how to help people move toward excellence”True North Sports

Hope Virgo

Founder of the Dump The Scales campaign & author of Hope Through Recovery

Hope Virgo is a leading voice on mental health and eating disorder awareness, who when booked as a mental health speaker shares her moving story of battling with Anorexia. Now recovered, Hope is the author of Hope Through Recovery and the Founder of the Dump The Scales campaign – a campaign dedicated to solidifying eating disorder awareness in the UK Government’s agenda.

Also a passionate Ambassador of the Shaw Mind Foundation and author of Stand Tall Little Girl, book Hope Virgo today for an authentic and moving speech on mental health awareness.

“At our Mental Health Conference, Hope delivered her hugely insightful and moving personal story. Hope openly speaks with an evident passion on the topic of eating disorders and mental health in general, leaving audiences touched not only by her own story but with the hope that struggling with mental health doesn’t limit what you can do in life”Andrew, HR, Royal Bank of Scotland

Owen O’Kane

Clinical Lead for the West London Mental Health NHS Trust, author of ‘Ten To Zen’ & Sunday Times Bestseller

Owen O’Kane is an acclaimed Clinical Lead for the NHS, who has enjoyed a successful career as a psychotherapist. Famed for his Sunday Times Bestselling book Ten To Zen, Owen engages with audiences on how they can implement stress management methods and improve their mental wellbeing.

When booked as a mental health speaker, Owen focuses on topics such as managing uncertainty, coping with change, bouncing back, adjusting in times of crisis and hope in challenging times, helping audiences to see the light at the end of a dark and challenging tunnel.

“A highly knowledgeable mental health professional with a substantial range of expertise that sets him apart in his field. He delivers with passion, enthusiasm and energy”Linda, NHS

Emma-Jane Taylor

CEO of The Works Company, author of ‘Don’t Hold Back’ & wellbeing expert

Motivational self-help expert, Emma-Jane Taylor delivers an authentic talk surrounding mental health, sharing her personal experiences with things such as childhood trauma and child sex abuse. Today, Emma-Jane is the founder of The Works Company, a company that encompasses her work as an advocate for survivors of child sex abuse.

Recognised as a National Treasure by GB News, Emma-Jane is booked as a mental health speaker to help audiences face their fears, have resilience, establish boundaries and feel empowered to use their voice and speak out on mental health issues.

“I have a lot of respect for the work that Emma-Jane does in supporting individuals & groups. She is inspiring & motivates me to be the best I can be”Indy, Business Development Manager, Barclays Bank PLC

Robert Holden

Founder of The Happiness Project & Success Intelligence, creator of the NHS Stress Buster Clinic & author of ‘Happiness NOW!’

Robert Holden is a leading pioneer of positive psychology and personal wellbeing, famed as the creator of the NHS Stress Buster Clinic and the Founder of The Happiness Project. An expert psychologist, Robert has dedicated his career to sharing the core principles of positive psychology and helping people to unlock happiness.

As the creator of the Stress Buster Clinic, Robert is passionate about focussing on mental health rather than physical health, emphasising how healing processes will be smoother if this factor is taken into consideration. Having appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and delivered the TEDx talk Destination Addiction, book Robert for an informed speech on mental health and wellbeing.

“Your work with us has been a complete tonic- the buzz you have created is terrific. We are uplifted and full of hope for the future”The Body Shop

Silvia Garcia

Former Global Director of the Happiness Institute for Coca-Cola & Founder of Feel Logic

Silvia Garcia is an expert on all things happiness, having enjoyed a former career as the Global Director of the Happiness Institute for Coca-Cola. Helping to transform the global brand’s culture, Silvia spent 15 years with Coca-Cola where she empowered its employees to live a happier more fulfilled life.

Now the Founder of Feel Logic, Silvia uses behavioural science to assess company culture and helps companies to better understand mental health and wellbeing. When booked as a mental health speaker for conferences, Silvia focuses on the topics of happiness and wellbeing, empowering corporates to invest in their employee’s emotional well-being for increased success.

Tim Brown

FDNY Firefighter who survived the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Founder of The Families Inc charity & veteran member of the New York Urban Search & Rescue Task Force

Tim Brown has an incredible story to share, having narrowly escaped with his life from the devastation of the 9/11 terror attacks on the Twin Towers. A Firefighter in the Fire Department of New York, Tim was a first responder at the 9/11 attacks, fighting to save the lives of innocent civilians trapped in the buildings.

Having witnessed horrific things, and lost two of his best friends in the devastation, Tim has been left scarred from 9/11, and now covers topical subjects such as post-traumatic stress, resilience, grief and hope as a passionate mental health speaker. Dedicated to supporting others who continue to suffer mentally due to the 9/11 attacks, Tim has also founded The Families Inc, which supports 9/11 victims’ families.

Frankie Bridge

Former singer in The Saturdays & S Club 7, author of ‘OPEN: Why Asking For Help Can Save Your Life’ & MIND Ambassador

Having spent many years in the limelight as part of the bands S Club 7 and The Saturdays, Frankie Bridge has never been far from the scrutiny of the general public. Frankie now shares how living a life in the spotlight affected her mental health, along with her first-hand account of suffering a mental breakdown.

Since recovered after spending time in a rehabilitative facility, Frankie uses her platform to raise vital awareness of mental health, having authored the book OPEN: Why Asking For Help Can Save Your Life. Also a passionate Ambassador for MIND and host of the Open Mind podcast, Frankie delivers an authentic and emotive speech on battling depression as an honest mental health speaker.

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