Women's Health Month

Everything You Need to Know About Women’s Health Month 2024

Women’s Health Month is an awareness event that focuses on the health concerns that women, non-binary, and transgender people experience every single day. Such experiences are unique to the individual’s situation, and each person deserves the same respect, validation, and care.

In our ultimate guide to Women’s Health Month, discover how you can recognise the important awareness event, including the top speakers to book for your corporate event!

When is Women’s Health Month 2024?

Women’s Health Month 2024 takes place from the 1st – 31st of May, according to the National Cervical Cancer Coalition.

Source: National Cervical Cancer Coalition

What is Women’s Health Month 2024?

Women’s Health Month is an awareness event that recognises the many different physical and mental concerns experienced by women and people who were assigned female at birth. Issues faced by transgender women are also discussed during Women’s Health Month, as the inclusive event celebrates the diverse female experience.

From cervical cancer to reproductive rights, Women’s Health Month is an important opportunity to raise valuable awareness through educational campaigns. The goal is to empower people to prioritise their health.

Why is Women’s Health Month important?

Women’s Health Month is important because female health concerns are often invalidated and underappreciated. From Endometriosis being called “normal period pain” to heart attacks being misdiagnosed as anxiety, gaslighting is a common occurrence in the healthcare sector.

Women’s Health Month endeavours to equip people with the knowledge and bodily autonomy needed to advocate for their own health. Education and empathy are vital for turning the state of female health around and giving people the validation they deserve.

Source: Northwell Health

How does women’s health impact the workplace?

In the workplace, it is important for women, non-binary, and transgender people to feel like their health concerns are valid. With 76% of new parents experiencing sleep issues and 23% of period-sufferers needing time off work, health issues can lead to unproductive employees who struggle to concentrate.

If employers want to get the best out of their employees, prioritising their health is the first step to optimum performance. Emergency menstrual products, flexible work patterns, and access to high-quality healthcare can make a company-wide difference.

Ideas for Women’s Health Month 2024:

This Women’s Health Month, celebrate the achievements and validate the experiences of women, non-binary, and transgender people with our three top tips:

Book a Women’s Health Month Speaker

First and foremost, book a speaker! Our top speakers for Women’s Health Month 2024 each have a unique experience with womanhood and female health issues, so are perfect for events of all shapes and sizes.

Top Speakers for Women’s Health Month:

Contact a booking agent to hire a speaker for your Women’s Health Month event! Our team are experts on the speaking circuit, having already booked specialists for female-led awareness events like International Women’s Day. Get in touch today and honour the experiences of women and people worldwide.

Donate to Charity

Several charities are committed to righting the wrongs of the healthcare sector and supporting women, non-binary, and transgender people through their personal journeys.

Women’s Aid, Women’s Health Concern, and Wellbeing of Women are just a handful of charities you can support this Women’s Health Month! Whether you host a bake sale or a fundraising auction, show your support by raising money for charity.

Inform Your Employees

The final way to recognise Women’s Health Month is by educating your employees: male, female, transgender, and non-binary alike. When we all understand the health concerns that half the population faces, we can become a more inclusive society that allows people to thrive.

Our Women’s Health Month speakers are perfect communicators for this topic. Experts in their field, our charming and knowledgeable orators will educate your employees on the mental and physical struggles faced by 50% of the world!

Contact The Female Motivational Speakers Agency

To enquire about a female motivational speaker for your Women’s Health Month event, simply contact us via our online contact form or call a booking agent on 0203 9158 282.

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