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5 Reasons to Book a Mental Health Speaker for Your Corporate Team

Mental health in the workplace has gained significant traction in recent years. Particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of emotional support, business leaders are turning to wellbeing speakers for their positive impact.

Discover the key reasons to book a mental health speaker and the supporting statistics that reflect corporate wellbeing, in our latest post.

Reduce Workplace Absences

It was reported that 12.7% of all workplace absences were due to mental health issues, like anxiety and depression. These speakers teach employees how to best manage their emotional wellbeing, through open communication, a resilient attitude and a positive work/life balance.

Such support can reduce the number of employee absences, therefore improving productivity and focus. Mental health education in the workplace can save UK businesses £8 billion a year, as the decrease in time off reduces the cost of sick days to the company.

Though regular breaks are important for decreasing symptoms of burnout, mental health speakers discuss the preventative measures that employers can take to decrease workplace stress, when booked for corporate events.


Improve Presenteeism

Presenteeism describes when an employee is physically present at work, but due to additional factors they are unproductive and lack focus. This is commonly caused by mental health issues, which can cause fatigue and prevent employees from reaching their full potential.

Staff who cannot fully apply themselves account for twice as many losses than absences, as team members are unable to mentally or physically recover from stress.

Mental health speakers teach corporate audiences, especially senior figures in a business, the importance of taking health breaks when necessary, to prevent presenteeism and allow for better wellbeing.


Encourage Open Communication

In a survey, 95% of employees who suffered from stress lied about their reason for calling in sick, out of fear of judgement. Mental health in the workplace is heavily stigmatised, leading to a culture of secrecy that perpetuates the idea that emotional issues are shameful.

When booked for corporate events, mental health speakers discuss the importance of open communication, especially on the subject of wellbeing.

This makes employees feel more comfortable to disclose how stress affects their health and the ways that employers can create a calmer, more positive workplace atmosphere.


Lower Employee Turnover

A Harvard Business Review survey found that 75% of Generation Z, the youngest generation to enter the workforce, had left a position due to mental health issues. As more employees than ever are prioritising their emotional wellbeing, it is within a business’s best interest to do the same – or risk losing talented team members.

Booking a mental health speaker sends a clear message of support to every employee within a company. The investment sets a precedent for the entire business and ensures that staff members feel heard, drastically reducing employee turnover.


Drive Profits

Per employee, the cost of poor mental health support is estimated to be £1,300 a year. For businesses that do value their employees’ wellbeing, the projected return in savings is £347,722 for an initial investment of £40K, reflecting the profitability of a happy, confident workforce.

For a business to be successful, every employee must feel supported enough to unleash their true potential. From sales to accounting, senior figures to junior staff, a mental health speaker will invest in your employees’ wellbeing, which in turn will increase your business’ sustainable growth.


Book a Mental Health Speaker

As one of the UK’s leading mental health speakers bureaus, our team of agents have booked passionate and empowering orators for corporate events of all sizes.

To hire a mental health speaker for your corporate event, contact the Mental Health Speakers Agency either by phone, on 0203 9816 296, or via our online contact form.

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