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Top 10 Keynote Speakers for Mental Health Conferences in 2024

Mental health is a key topic of conversation for business leaders, as nearly 15% of employees experience poor emotional wellbeing within the workplace. With 12.7% of all absences being attributed to mental health conditions, proper workplace support can save UK businesses up to £8 billion a year, reflecting the need for mental health speakers at corporate workshops.


In our latest post, we present the top mental health speakers available to book, whose passion for wellbeing leaves audiences empowered to overcome hardships.

Kelly Holmes

One of the best mental health speakers on the circuit is the podcast host of What Do I Do?, Kelly Holmes. The two-time Olympic Gold medallist turned wellbeing advocate has been celebrated for her honest discussion of mental health, especially her personal battles with suicidal thoughts and depression.

At events, Kelly expands on her podcast’s topics, centring around how she recovered from depression. Audiences receive a tried and tested self-help toolbox, allowing them to better manage their mental health in the workplace.

“If you could pass on to Kelly a personal thanks from myself and Katie. The talk exceeded our expectations, the energy, authenticity and inspiration Kelly gave our colleagues was brilliant and since the session finished only 30 minutes ago, we have been inundated with positive feedback and comments. A huge thank you for agreeing to be part of our employee wellbeing initiative.”


Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax is an internationally recognised mental health speaker, who was appointed OBE for her services. She has worked with such essential organisations as Mind and Sane, both of which she is an ambassador, and was even appointed the President of Relate.

The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy graduate combines her academic knowledge and personal battles to resonate with audiences and destigmatise mental health. Ruby is a captivating speaker; her humour instantly puts attendees at ease making her the perfect orator for this complex topic.

“Ruby Wax spoke with passion, amazing depth of knowledge and, of course, great humour about the pressures and pitfalls of the human mind. She was incredibly well received by all who attended. I would definitely recommend Ruby for any event where mindfulness and mental health are a priority.”


Alastair Campbell

Political giant, Alastair Campbell, supplies his valuable insight into mental health at events. Following an intense career at Downing Street, Alastair experienced devastating mental health issues, which he published in The Happy Depressive, Living Better and discussed in his documentary, Cracking Up Alastair Campbell: Depression and Me.

The MIND ambassador even partnered with the Mental Health Foundation for Mental Health Awareness Week, making Alastair a popular addition for business leaders wishing to recognise the important event.

“Controversial, thought-provoking and highly entertaining, Alastair gave a refreshingly candid insight into past and present political leaders and events that captivated our guests.”

Ernst & Young

Samantha Clarke

The founder of Samantha &, Samantha Clarke is a transformative corporate consultant on workplace wellbeing. She has worked with such brands as Pizza Hut and Virgin, to recentre their focus on the key strength of any business, their employees.

Events featuring Samantha will benefit from her comprehensive understanding of change, happiness and workplace culture, from years of global consulting. Attendees come away empowered, armed with a toolbox of techniques for overcoming adversity.

“The happiness function at DADI+ is something we are particularly proud about and Sam has been a key factor in making it a success. We are hugely appreciative of everything Sam has done to promote the culture at DADI+ since she has been with us.”


Dr Alex George

One of our most popular mental health celebrity speakers, Dr Alex George is the UK’s Mental Health Ambassador. The Love Island contestant is using his mainstream fame to promote the importance of mental health discussions, especially among men, leading to improved emotional support.

He is the author of Live Well Every Day and podcast host of The Waiting Room, a testament to Dr Alex’s ongoing commitment to the topics of health and wellbeing. He is actively redefining the role influencers play in our everyday lives, by attending events as a spokesperson on mental health.

Kellie Maloney

Kellie Maloney is the boxing promoter turned equality activist who publicly transitioned in 2014, before being named Transgender Champion at the 2015 Glamour Women of the Year Awards. Her unique understanding of mental health explores the essential need for emotional support within the LGTQ+ community.

As a mental health speaker, Kellie can discuss her experience with depression, fuelled by the battles she faced with her identity. For attendees, she presents not just the importance of mental health support, but how we can all make it easier for the LGBTQ+ community to feel a sense of belonging.

“It could not have gone better. Kellie was brilliant very warm, open and interesting. She spoke without notes and told her story perfectly. We had a very diverse audience – there were Dentons staff and clients who are allies, LGBT+ staff and clients and several transgender people in the audience – and everyone really enjoyed it. While she was speaking, you could have heard a pin drop.”


Ollie Ollerton

Ollie Ollerton has experienced first-hand the power of mental resilience when he faced life or death situations in the SAS. His speeches discuss how to overcome mental obstacles with military precision, influenced by his battles with PTSD and adjusting to life after serving.

Ambassador for charities like StrongMen, an organisation that tackles mental health issues in men caused by grief, Ollie is a powerful voice on wellbeing support. At events, he relates with audiences of all demographics, inspiring them to proactively care for their minds.

“A huge thanks to Ollie Ollerton for joining us on site for a very engaging and inspiring talk on mental health, the importance of ‘the team’ and your support network. Ultimately, we are all one family when in work.”

Costain Group plc

Jonny Wilkinson

Star of England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup win, Jonny Wilkinson is now a powerful mental health speaker. Following the history-defining final, he suffered from anxiety and depression, an experience that sharpened his appreciation of wellbeing support, especially in a corporate environment.

Jonny’s speeches resonate with audiences of all genders, but his story is particularly powerful for male attendees, who often feel unable to discuss their mental health. His impact on the workplace leads to improved communication and a judgement-free environment for employees to grow in confidence.

“We have had some amazing feedback, with a couple of people even saying Jonny was the best speaker so far! Great take home messages, and amazing honesty from him.”

Roche Products Ltd

Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam Kaur’s speeches actively challenge our mainstream perception of beauty. The activist and social media sensation was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome as a young girl, a condition that caused excessive hair growth.

After years of battling with her self-image, she embraced her condition and became the youngest woman with a full beard according to the Guinness World Book of Records. Harnaam is now a popular mental health speaker, who inspires audiences with her powerful story of self-love.

Neil Laybourn & Jonny Benjamin

When Jonny Benjamin suffered a mental health crisis and attempted suicide, a chance encounter with Neil Laybourn saved his life. Following a social media campaign called Find Mike, the pair reunited and embarked on their career as mental health speakers.

Booked as either a pair or individually, Neil and Jonny attend corporate events to teach audiences the power of a single conversation. They encourage attendees to hold open discussions, leaving employees with an increased sense of belonging within the workplace.

“Please pass on our thanks to Jonny – his talk was great and extremely well received. I have done a post event survey and responses so far have been fantastic.”

University of Huddersfield

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