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Top 10 Speakers for World Health Day 2023

World Health Day is the perfect opportunity for businesses and organisations to promote the value of physical and mental wellbeing. Launched by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the event honours the dedication of healthcare professionals and raises awareness for life-changing conditions.

For business owners, World Health Day recognises the impact of workplace stressors and the importance of employees’ emotional wellbeing. Companies regularly organise events to honour the special day, hiring mental health speakers to empower their staff and improve workplace performance.

Learn all about World Health Day in our latest post, as well as the top speakers to book for your health-themed event.

When is World Health Day 2023?

World Health Day is recognised on the 7th of April every year.

First launched in 1948 by the World Health Organisation, which was only coined three years before in 1945, the event highlights the importance of global health standards. From safe motherhood to support for nurses and oral health, World Health Day has drawn valuable attention to the many facets of equal, comprehensive healthcare.


What is the theme for World Health Day in 2023?

The 2022 theme for World Health Day was ‘Protecting Health from Climate Change’. Following COP26 in November 2021, it is important to recognise the health impacts that climate change has, including air pollution, rising temperatures and drought, which impact food production.

The theme for World Health Day 2023 is yet to be confirmed.


Mental Health Speakers

Read our selection of the top mental health speakers available to book below.

Kelly Holmes

From the dizzying heights of sporting fame to battling her mental health demons, Kelly Holmes is one of the most high-profile campaigners for wellbeing support. Her podcast, What Do I Do?, has produced powerful discussions on such topics as gender identity and mental health disorders, alongside celebrity guests. At events, Kellie teaches audiences the importance of prioritising mental health over external achievements.

Official Testimonial:

“If you could pass on to Kelly a personal thanks from myself and Katie. The talk exceeded our expectations, the energy, authenticity and inspiration Kelly gave our colleagues was brilliant and since the session finished only 30 minutes ago, we have been inundated with positive feedback and comments. A huge thank you for agreeing to be part of our employee wellbeing initiative.”


Alex George

In February 2021, Dr Alex George was appointed UK Mental Health Ambassador by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in response to his successful mental health campaign that targeted young people. The author of Live Well Every Day, Dr Alex is one of the most sought-after speakers on mental health, regularly booked to discuss topics like workplace stress and self-care. He can also supply valuable insight into social media, and the role it plays in low self-esteem and body dysmorphia.

Victoria Pendleton

Titled Sunday Times’ Sportswoman of the Year in 2007, Victoria Pendleton enjoyed a long and successful career as an Olympic cyclist for Team GB. Despite her string of Gold medals, Victoria suffered from depression in silence following her divorce and a failed Everest expedition, until she revealed her battles in 2019. As a speaker, Victoria’s candid account of her mental health struggles has a resounding impact on audiences.

Official Testimonial:

“Professional, open and humorous, all in the right measure.”

Logistik Ltd

Katie Piper

After suffering an acid attack in 2008, Katie Piper’s life changed forever. She powered through her recovery to become an inspiring mental health speaker, using her story she now empowers audiences to challenge their perception of beauty. Katie founded The Katie Piper Foundation, released several books and starred in BAFTA-nominated documentaries to destigmatise disfigurements and redefine self-worth.

Ruby Wax

Hilarious comedian turned mental health campaigner, Ruby Wax’s TED talk, ‘What’s So Funny About Mental Illness?’, is one of the organisation’s most popular. From being an ambassador for Mind to earning a degree in Cognitive Therapy from Oxford University, Ruby has dedicated her life to destigmatising mental health in mainstream media. With the belief that mental and physical illnesses should be considered equal, she teaches corporate teams how to manage their wellbeing in high-pressure environments.

Official Testimonial:

“Ruby Wax spoke with passion, amazing depth of knowledge and, of course, great humour about the pressures and pitfalls of the human mind. She was incredibly well-received by all who attended. I would definitely recommend Ruby for any event where mindfulness and mental health are a priority.”


Physical Health Speakers

Read our selection of the top physical health speakers available to book below.

Mr Motivator

Entertaining and educational in equal measure, Mr Motivator is the ideal speaker to supply fitness workshops and themed speeches. He found fame on GMTV as their workout expert, inspiring the country to get up off their sofas with his fun routines and lively personality. Audiences will instantly recognise Mr Motivator from both GMTV and his recent appearances, which includes HealthCheck UK Live during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ollie Ollerton

UK Special Forces Soldier turned television sensation on SAS: Who Dares Wins, Ollie Ollerton is an expert on physical health. His fitness app, Battle Ready 360, gives people the knowledge and skills needed to turn their lives around, through optimum fitness, nutrition and mental health. At events, Ollie employs the techniques used in his corporate training programme to improve attendees’ physical wellbeing.

Official Testimonial:

“It all went really well thanks! The interviews were fab, and he was great at steering the presenters back to the point (without making it seem like an advert) when they went off on a bit of a tangent. He has been a joy to work with.”

BD Broadcaster

Hazel Wallace

With her powerful message and insightful speaking topics, Hazel Wallace educates audiences on the importance of thinking outside the ‘pillbox’. Her physical health guidance combines nutrition and lifestyle changes to produce staggering results, influenced by Hazel’s medical qualifications and experience as a personal trainer. Hazel is the perfect speaker for World Health Day, as her comprehensive approach covers all bases.

Ella Mills

Ella Mills, otherwise known as Deliciously Ella, experienced first-hand the complexity of physical illnesses, having been diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome in 2011. After traditional medicine failed to improve her condition, she turned to holistic methods and found a new lease of life. Now an empowering health speaker, Ella teaches audiences the importance of understanding the human body and the role of nutrition.

Dr Ranj Singh

Since finding fame on Get Well Soon, Dr Ranj on Call and This Morning as their resident doctor, Dr Ranj Singh has earned a reputation for his knowledge of the human body. A transformative healthcare speaker, he redefines audiences’ perceptions of mental and physical health to empower autonomy. Dr Ranj educates attendees on the importance of taking their health seriously.

Book a Speaker For World Health Day

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