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Official Experts on Mental Resilience: The Top 10 Mental Resilience Speakers to Hire

What is Mental Resilience?

Mental resilience is defined as the ‘process and outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences’. Different people show resilience in different ways, and resilience can be impacted by a multitude of factors – from how people engage with the world to access to social resources. Resilience is both a mental and physical factor of human wellbeing, and can be challenging to master.

Source: The American Psychological Association

How Do You Develop Mental Resilience & Why is Mental Resilience Important?

Being mentally resilient significantly impacts how a person deals with periods of stress and emotional challenges in life – making it an important quality to master. People may have barriers to resilience, due to previous trauma such as experiencing discrimination or loneliness. The top tips for building mental resilience are:

  • Prioritise positive thinking
  • Control anxieties
  • Set goals
  • Hire mental resilience speakers who have shown great resilience

Source: Mind & Positive Psychology

How To Hire a Mental Resilience Speaker:

Following feedback from 257 mental health events with happy clients, here at The Mental Health Speakers Agency we have made a selection of the top official experts on mental resilience. See who the top 10 mental resilience speakers are below, and contact one of our dedicated booking agents on 0203 9816296 to hire a speaker today!

Top 10 Mental Resilience Speakers:

  1. Jonny Benjamin – Founder of Beyond & Mental Health Advocate
  2. Katie Piper – Founder of the Katie Piper Foundation & Acid Attack Survivor
  3. Martine Wright – Survivor of the 7/7 London Bombings & Sitting Volleyball Paralympian
  4. Ollie Ollerton – Former UK Special Forces Soldier & Co-Founder of Break-Point
  5. Claire Lomas – First Person to Walk the London Marathon in the ReWalk Robotic Suit
  6. Gail Porter – Ambassador of the Little Princess Trust & Advocate for Alopecia Totalis
  7. Neil Laybourn – Founder of This Can Happen & Mental Health Advocate
  8. Samantha Clarke – Neuroaesthetician & Positive Psychologist
  9. Jason Fox – Former UK Special Forces Soldier & Sunday Times Bestselling Author of Battle Scars
  10. Silvia Garcia – Founder of Feel Logic & Former Global Director of Happiness, Marketing & Communications for The Coca-Cola Company

Jonny Benjamin

Jonny Benjamin MBE is an award-winning mental health campaigner known for his impactful Find Mike campaign. Having battled mental health disorders since childhood, including schizoaffective disorder, Jonny transcended his struggles, dedicating himself to fostering awareness and understanding of mental health issues. He collaborates with organisations like Rethink Mental Illness and speaks at various events, emphasising the significance of well-being and compassionate dialogue. His initiative, ThinkWell, educates students on mental health, while his charity, Beyond, offers enhanced support to the youth. A prolific author and media personality, Jonny’s relentless advocacy highlights the power of resilience and hope in overcoming adversity.

Official Feedback for Jonny Benjamin:

“Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for sharing your story with the Bank of Ireland team this morning – the feedback has been amazing! While that’s lovely in itself, even more importantly is that you will have made a difference to some of our people who didn’t know how they could find the ‘person on the bridge’ that they might be needing to talk to. A huge thank you, really well done and my very best wishes to you both.”Ian, CEO, Bank of Ireland UK

Katie Piper

Katie Piper has transformed profound adversity into powerful advocacy as a survivor of a horrific acid attack. Illuminating the essence of mental resilience and self-acceptance, Katie shares her poignant story and reflections on overcoming personal challenges in her books like “Beautiful” and “Things Get Better”. Her relentless advocacy through the Katie Piper Foundation underscores her commitment to supporting other burn and scar victims, offering hope and innovative treatments to countless individuals. Awarded an OBE in 2022, her profound impact is universally recognised, as she continues to embolden others through her words, making her a revered figure in mental resilience discourse.

Official Feedback for Katie Piper:

“Katie was amazing yesterday, thank you! Her story is so inspiring and she came across as really humble and down to earth. Thank you for all of your help.”Ernst & Young

Martine Wright

Martine Wright, a symbol of mental resilience and enduring spirit, encapsulates a journey from harrowing despair to unwavering determination to succeed. The last rescued survivor of the 7/7 bombings, Martine transformed a horrific experience of loss into a beacon of hope and motivation. Despite losing both legs, she conquered adversity, excelling in sitting volleyball and emerging as a respected motivational speaker. Her profound story resonates with diverse audiences, inspiring self-belief and perseverance. Martine’s multifaceted experiences, from being a Paralympian to earning an MBE, make her an invaluable speaker, illustrating the power of resilience and positivity amidst life’s challenges.

Official Feedback for Martine Wright:

“It was brilliant, the feedback we have had already is overwhelmingly positive! So please do forward onto Martine with our thanks, and the message that she has made a huge impact on so many of us!”J.P Morgan

Ollie Ollerton

Ollie Ollerton, a man of unparalleled military-grade mental resilience, stands out as a luminary on the motivational speaking circuit. His rich tapestry of experiences, from confronting terrorists in Iraq to infiltrating child trafficking rings, paints a vivid picture of courage. Ollie, whose journey has been marked by battles with alcohol addiction and depression, champions the power of mindfulness and resilience in overcoming life’s fiercest battles. His venture, Break-Point, embodies this spirit, instilling values of unity and strength in corporate teams through military-infused training. Ollie’s raw and empathetic narrations in his speeches, stemming from his service in the Royal Marine Commandos and Special Forces, illustrate mental robustness and relentless perseverance. Ollie’s insights are a beacon of inspiration, enabling individuals to transcend their mental insecurities and harness the power of mental resilience.

Official Feedback for Ollie Ollerton:

“The event was fantastic thank you – we had a good turnout and everyone had great feedback afterwards, so an all-round success! Ollie was nice and early, very well prepared, clearly had listened to what we wanted to get our of the event (including practical takeaways) and was great to deal with.”Rosie, Wellbeing Manager EMEA, Hogan Lovells

Claire Lomas

Claire Lomas, a paraplegic sportswoman and campaigner exemplifies mental resilience, turning a life-altering accident into an inspirational journey of overcoming adversity. After a severe horse-riding accident in 2007, Claire embraced relentless positivity and rehabilitation, transforming her life and becoming an award-winning athlete and renowned fundraiser. Claire’s powerful story of completing the London Marathon in a ReWalk robotic suit and her relentless pursuit of challenges to raise awareness for paralysis resonate globally. As a speaker, she injects humour and motivational elements into her speeches, captivating audiences, including the NHS and the British Government. Claire’s remarkable journey and speaking engagements empower and inspire countless individuals to surmount obstacles, echoing her refusal to accept limitations.

Official Feedback for Claire Lomas:

“The session was great – Claire was absolutely brilliant and we has some really great feedback from those that attended. Her presentation fitted perfectly into the wider conversation we’d been having that week around the importance of support networks, finding that resilience and mindset to keep going and supporting others as well if they are struggling. Thanks so much for all your help in organising and please do pass on again a huge thank you to Claire.”Alvarez & Marsal Europe

Gail Porter

Gail Porter, a prominent television personality and model from the 1990s, has emerged as an inspiring mental resilience speaker, sharing profound insights on mental health, drawn from her extensive personal experiences. Faced with numerous challenges, including Alopecia Totalis, depression, anxiety, anorexia, and homelessness, Gail has transformed her struggles into powerful narratives, fostering awareness and compassion. As an ambassador for the Little Princess Trust and a seasoned advocate for mental health, Gail’s candid discussions emphasise the importance of resilience, kindness, and self-belief. Her commitment to mental wellbeing and her ability to connect with diverse audiences make her a compelling speaker, encouraging open dialogues on mental health.

Official Feedback for Gail Porter:

“It was our pleasure to welcome Edinburgh lass Gail Porter back to Scotland for Mental Health Awareness Week. Gail has a clear mission to help others to be open about the importance of mental health by sharing the ups and downs of her life and career and in particular her experiences of mental health illness. Gail delivered a very open and frank overview of her experiences of suffering from self-doubt, anxiety, depression and anorexia in an engaging manner and her delivery style is full of warmth and colleagues felt drawn to her bubbly personality.”Claire, Inclusion & Wellbeing Consultant, Edinburgh Napier University

Neil Laybourn

Neil Laybourn is a distinguished mental resilience speaker and a beacon of light in health and wellbeing advocacy, recognised for his impactful international seminars delivered to globally renowned brands. His journey began with a life-changing intervention during a suicide attempt on London’s Waterloo Bridge in 2008, a profound experience that fuelled his passion for mental health awareness. He united with the survivor, Jonny Benjamin, and received a Pride of Britain award for his heroic act, illustrated in Channel 4’s ‘Stranger on the Bridge’. Founder of ‘This Can Happen’, a pivotal mental health initiative, Neil harmonises his experience in fitness with his mental health insights to inspire positive change. Receiving royal support and an Honorary Doctorate from Bristol University, he remains a fervent advocate, addressing mental health needs and implementing effective wellbeing strategies worldwide.

Official Feedback for Neil Laybourn:

“Just wanted to send a huge thank you for coming in to talk to our staff today. I know from verbal feedback that people found it hugely engaging, informative and inspiring. We couldn’t have asked for more.”Dyson

Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke is a globally recognised Neuroaesthetician and changemaker, who has redefined mental wellness narratives in world-leading organisations such as Accenture, Samsung and Unilever. With her intimate journey through chronic pain, Samantha resonates deeply, delivering emotionally rich keynote speeches that empower individuals to embrace sustainable happiness and prioritise personal wellbeing. A member of The School of Life faculty, she disseminates invaluable insights on fostering positive organisational cultures and supporting joyful employees. Whether speaking in the US, Europe or the Middle East, Samantha instils resilience, intertwining science with soul to enable people to conduct significant work in the world. Having shared stages with luminaries like Hilary Clinton, Samantha’s contribution to mental resilience and positive psychology makes her an indispensable asset to anyone looking to enhance wellbeing in both personal and professional realms.

Official Feedback for Samantha Clarke:

“A HUGE thank you Samantha! The delivery and content was incredible! The content was spot on for our requirements and we couldn’t have picked a better speaker for our employees. Look forward to working with you again.”Josh, Global COO & EMEA CEO, Mediacom

Jason Fox

Jason Fox, ex-Special Forces officer, has metamorphosed into an influential mental resilience speaker, drawing in countless people internationally with his renowned motivational speeches. Sharing candid stories about his battle with PTSD, his presentations are riddled with acceptance and understanding, throwing light on his diverse experiences in hostage rescue and counter-terrorism. Known for his honest storytelling, Jason fosters self-belief and mental fortitude. His stints in television, notably on SAS: Who Dares Wins, and his best-selling book, Battle Scars, reflect his commitment to discussing mental health and resilience. Jason’s interactions brim with humility and inspiration, earning him extensive accolades for his impactful discourses on resilience and teamwork.

Official Feedback for Jason Fox:

“Jason Fox spoke at our company conference. He was humble, yet inspiring, and managed to keep the audience’s attention throughout his whole talk. He stimulated more questions from the team than we have ever had before for a speaker. I would highly recommend him to businesses who want to inspire their team on teamwork, resilience and positive mental attitude.”Hasbro

Silvia Garcia

Silvia Garcia, Coca-Cola’s former Global Director of Happiness, Marketing, and Communication, is renowned as a visionary mental resilience speaker and consultant. With a rich background, she explores wellbeing’s pivotal role in employee retention, workplace relationships and customer service communication. A notable figure in the realms of happiness and leadership, Silvia has addressed millions globally, providing transformative insights into cultivating resilient and positive workplace cultures through her behavioural psychology proficiency. She crafts her discourses from her extensive experience and pioneering roles, including founding Feel Logic and Happiest Places to Work, establishments aiding organisations in enhancing their company culture through science-backed strategies. Silvia is a catalyst for change, making her an indispensable asset to any event looking to inspire mental resilience.

Official Feedback for Silvia Garcia:

“We loved Silvia’s post. Super interesting content, featuring surprising and relevant stories for our audience. Silvia is one of those lecturers that everyone in the world loves to listen to. Your energy, optimism and vision are contagious and the audience is always filled with inspiration, ideas and practical examples.”Rosa, Head of External Communications, L’Oreal Spain & Portugal

Hire a Mental Resilience Speaker Today!

If you are interested in hiring one of the passionate mental resilience speakers from our official selection, get in touch today! Call one of our dedicated booking agents to secure a mental resilience speaker on 0203 9816 296, or complete our online contact form to begin the booking process.

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