Alex Crow

UK's Leading Mindreader, Founder of Stress Boffin & Former Police Constable with the Metropolitan Police

  • Served as a Police Constable with the Metropolitan Police Force
  • Founder of Stress Boffin
  • Top Mentalist & Mindreader in the UK

When Alex Crow is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Managing Stress and Building Resilience (the essentials)
Managing Stress and Building Resilience (further techniques)

One of the UK’s leading Mindreaders, Alex Crow is also the Founder of Stress Boffin and a former Police Officer who served with the Metropolitan Police Force. During his 15 years with the Force, Alex was under constant stress from experiencing a multitude of violent confrontations, domestic violence and having to deal with people struggling with mental illness who posed a risk for themselves and the public. This stress was exacerbated further when his wife passed away from cancer after battling the illness for two years. Choosing not to give up, Alex kept developing techniques to manage his stress and build his mental resilience to keep going. Now as a speaker he shares his tips and techniques for overcoming adversity, building mental resilience, and managing stress.

His techniques can be summarised in his innovative workshop, the Stress Boffin. Alex has strategically designed the training programme to help people immediately incorporate techniques for building resilience and managing stress into their daily lives. In doing so they will notice a significant improvement in their happiness, productivity, and quality of life. After 15 years as a Police Constable, Alex decided to pursue a new career as a Magician. He spent the first few years mostly performing at children’s parties, before discovering his talent as a Mentalist. Proving himself to be an exceptional Mindreader, Alex quickly started to receive bookings to perform at corporate events and has now established himself as one of the top Mindreaders in the UK. As a result, he has become a highly sought-after performer regularly booked to perform at conferences, cruise ships and award events.

During the same period, Alex started to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming and began to research further into mental well-being programmes and books. In the process, he discovered that over the years he had developed several successful techniques for building resilience and managing stress that was taught by experts in the field of mental well-being. With this new knowledge, Alex now incorporates a range of techniques into his training program, including mindfulness, exercise, NLP, and his own personal coping techniques to produce a robust program.

A talented Mentalist who has performed all over the world for thousands of people, Alex is also a mental well-being expert whose life experiences compelled him to develop coping mechanisms. When booked as a speaker, Alex helps to equip organisations with the techniques to reduce days lost to sickness and improve the productivity of the workforce. He combines his skills as an entertainer to capture the audience, delivering highly engaging and informative sessions with many valuable takeaways on how to manage stress and develop mental resilience.

Official Testimonials

Alex Crow is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

Alex provided an excellent service, he was extremely flexible and accommodating with regards to the times of the sessions which was much appreciated when trying to factor in all shift patterns. The workshop was really informative and we had excellent feedback from employees about the impact this had on them individually and the resources shared after the event have been used by participants to enable them to continue with the tricks and tools Alex discussed as part of the session. Thank you Alex

Becks, Vanderlande

I am glad to share that everyone has given me a positive feedback. They all are really relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the session. When they see me they only speak about the session and what they have learned yesterday. It was really helpful.

Krishna, GSPlus

Good, interactive topics. Useful techniques to learn and adopt going forward.

Caroline, muRata

Amazing what was achieved in such a short time. Very impressed.  My shoulders were so tense prior to the workshop – felt cured after the body scan technique!

Paul, Discover the World

Great workshop, great tips, very useful. I will be listening to the CD everyday, using mindfulness everyday and I am going to focus on things I can control and not the things I can’t! Thank you very much.

Don, Dantherm

Thank you for coming to run the session. Wellbeing is core value for nearly all Student Unions so I am going to circulate your details to my HR colleagues in other SU’s and tell them how amazing the session was. I had another trainer in yesterday on a different topic and the session went so completely differently, it was awful. KCLSU can be tough audience so you did achieve a lot in winning the crowd over.

Veronica, KCLSU

To enquire about Alex Crow for your event or corporate function, simply contact us via or call a booking agent on 0203 9816 296.