Alex Pett

Resilience Coach at Shore Coaching & Host of Notes on Vulnerability Podcast

  • Author of “Killing Eva” & “Lethal Profit”
  • Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice
  • Professional NLP Coaching Certification

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Killing Eva
Killing Eva
Lethal Profit
Lethal Profit

Alex Pett is a distinguished resilience coach and speaker, known for her insightful approach to mental health, wellbeing, mindset, and mental resilience. As a Resilience Coach at Shore Coaching, she specialises in fostering resilient mindsets among individuals, groups, and within workplace environments.

Alex’s transition from a City lawyer to a publisher, and ultimately to a coach and author, reflects her diverse expertise and adaptability. Her journey is marked by a profound self-discovery of overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving a positive transformation through resilience. With a legal background holding an LLB from the University of Nottingham and authorship of two thriller novels, “Killing Eva” and “Lethal Profit”, Alex embodies the essence of a ‘recovering overachiever’. Her personal experiences with self-doubt and the pursuit of a fulfilling life have been pivotal in her career shift towards resilience coaching.

In 2020, Alex broadened her credentials with a Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice, followed by a Professional NLP Coaching Certification in 2022. Furthermore, her academic journey includes completing a certificate in the Science of Wellbeing from Yale University, underscoring her comprehensive understanding of resilience. These qualifications enrich Alex’s coaching, enabling her to assist others in becoming more consistent, adaptable, and resilient. Her coaching philosophy underscores the significance of resilience in our lives, advocating for mastery over it to cultivate beneficial responses, traits, and mindsets.

Apart from coaching, Alex extends her expertise through her podcast, Notes on Vulnerability, where she explores stories of resilience, courage, and the human experience. She firmly believes in embracing the discomfort of vulnerability to enhance the quality of life. As a keynote speaker, Alex offers invaluable insights into positive stress management, confidence, healthy high performance, and motivation. Her speaking engagements, including notable appearances at events for Women in Sight and on panels for Parent & Professional Limited, along with the launch of the third season of her podcast in 2024, highlight her influential role in the field of mental health and resilience.

Alex Pett’s availability as a keynote speaker offers a unique opportunity to gain a profound understanding of oneself and the dynamics of mental resilience. Her approach is not only rooted in her diverse professional background and personal journey but also in her solid academic and practical training in the fields of coaching and wellbeing. Engaging with her insights promises attendees a transformative experience, encouraging openness, enthusiasm, and confidence. Enquire now to experience the empowering narrative Alex Pett brings to events on mental health, resilience, mindset, and wellbeing.

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