Caspar Craven

Founder & CEO of ‘Big Bold Goals’ Who Sailed The World Twice

  • Founded Big Bold Goals in 2020
  • Circumnavigated the world with his wife and three children, from 2014 to 2016
  • Sailed the globe in the BT Global Challenge Yacht Race
  • Published ‘Where The Magic Happens’ & ‘Be More Human’
  • Previously Appointed Associate Director of KPMG Corporate Finance

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Be More Human
Be More Human
Where The Magic Happens
Where the Magic Happens

When Caspar Craven is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Big Bold Goals – How to Achieve the Impossible
Be More Human – Rethinking the Rules of High-Performance Teamwork
Time to Change Tack – Adapting in Times of Crisis
Mental Health, Resilience & Wellbeing

Caspar Craven’s ‘Big Bold Goals’ is key to developing mental resilience and wellbeing. His approach focuses on the power of failure, the importance of human authenticity and how we can all succeed when we step out of our comfort zones. The keynote speaker equips corporate audiences with the knowledge needed to transform their workplace culture and make big bold goals a company-wide standard for success.

With his combined experience as a business leader, having launched his first company aged just 14, and as a sailing captain, Caspar’s speeches offer a unique insight. He first took to the waves in the BT Global Challenge Yacht Race, before returning in 2014 to circumnavigate the globe with his wife and three young children. Both experiences taught Caspar the value of resilience, a sentiment he shares with audiences today.

Caspar’s decades of business experience dates back to his first entrepreneurial venture. As a young entrepreneur, he grew and sold several successful start-ups, including a seven-figure business deal. Caspar has also worked for KPMG Corporate Finance, as a Chief Financial Officer and in the Professional Services sector for over a decade, each achievement a testament to his business expertise.

Specialising in quality leadership and high-performance teams, Caspar’s speeches discuss the impact workplace culture has on mental health. He reveals the untapped potential of an uninspired workforce and the small-minded perspective that leads to a lack of motivation. For a workplace in a rut, Caspar empowers a newfound passion for performance, leading to improved wellbeing and drive.

The bestselling author of ‘Be More Human’ and ‘Where The Magic Happens’, Caspar brings the focus back to what truly matters – human connection. By putting employees first, he believes that workplace stress and burnout can be an issue of the past, replaced instead with increased drive, wellbeing and mental health.

Official Testimonials

Caspar Craven is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Caspar recently spoke at our virtual annual conference event and was a massive hit! His approachable, knowledgeable and practicable style meant that ‘Big Bold Goals’ resonated fantastically well on a very personal level, as well as from a team and company culture perspective.”

Board Director, Shared Services Forum UK

“A privilege to have Caspar present at our Financial Services kick-off event. It’s how an ‘ordinary’ person can achieve the ‘extraordinary’ through thinking ‘big and bold’ which will inspire and motivate all!”

Global MD, BAE Systems Inc

“Caspar delivered an incredible keynote at our customer event. Seldom do I see speakers create such a level of engagement with their audience, I honestly believe people would have stayed for hours to ask questions! I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Head of Channel Management and Partner Enablement, Sage

“The feedback was phenomenal – he kept us captivated on how to achieve Big Bold Goals through effective high-performance teamwork.”

Managing Director, Protiviti

“I wish I could’ve heard him talk all day. His speech is full of optimism, great advice that can be applied by anyone and very enriching!”

Marketing Lead, Hager Group

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