Jamie Andrew

Remarkable Scottish Mountaineer, & Passionate Mental Health Advocate

  • Ran the London Marathon to raise £22,000
  • Climbed Kilimanjaro to raise £5,000

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Life And Limb: A true story of tragedy and survival
Life And Limb: A true story of tragedy and survival

Jamie Andrew is a treasured Scottish Mountaineer, best known for his incredible assents which he has documented around the world. Admired for his remarkable journey of overcoming adversity in all areas of life, Jamie is a must-see speaker for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Pushing audiences to reach peak performance in all aspects of life, he shares his ground-breaking experiences of being trapped in the Alps and how he survived under extreme conditions. An empowering individual, Jamie is now highly sought after to speak on a wide range of motivational and mental health topics at speaking events internationally.

In 1999, Jamie experienced a horrific climbing accident alongside his friend Jamie Fisher which altered his lifestyle forever. Caught in a storm on the north face of Les Droites in the Mont Blanc massif, they were struck with winds of 90 mph and temperatures of -30 degrees for 7 consecutive days. Determined to stay alive, Jamie developed frostbite but survived the experience, but lost his friend from hypothermia on the final night. A miracle survival, Jamie was helicoptered to safety by the French rescue services and lives to tell the story. An inspiration to audiences worldwide, he lost all four limbs after the experience from septic shock and continues to share his journey to recovery with audiences at speaking events.

After recovering from his surgery, Jamie focused his efforts on rehabilitation and putting his mental health first. Finding an escape in the sporting industry, he took up skiing, paragliding, running, walking, rock climbing, and mountaineering. Determined to fundraise for a wide range of charities, he ran the London Marathon to raise £22,000 and has also climbed Kilimanjaro to raise £5,000. Empowering audiences to push their physical and mental resilience to the extremes, he became the proud Author of ‘Life and Limb’ which explains his journey since the accident.

A profound mountaineer, Jamie Andrew is now highly sought-after to attend speaking engagements internationally. Having struggled with his own mental health in the past, he now aims to help others by sharing his recovery journey. An inspirational figure, Jamie’s story leaves audiences motivated to become the best they can be. When looking to hire an inspirational mental health speaker, do not hesitate in hiring Jamie for your next event.

Official Testimonials

Jamie Andrew is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“There were tears and all sorts….a lot of very good feedback and I think he could see all of this in the chat that went alongside the meeting. Very successful, thank you”

Anthony, Swiss Re Management Ltd

“What an truly inspirational man! Jamie is an excellent speaker who told his story with emotion and left people feeling inspired and in admiration of him really. It’s not just his story, he is a very personable man as well as an excellent speaker – guests felt very relaxed and happy to ask him questions afterwards.”

Lucy, Strata

“I can’t express enough how brilliant Jamie was on Friday – the teams were absolutely mesmerised by him and the story he told. You could have heard a pin drop! Jamie was so incredibly friendly and open, and he made time to speak to the teams before and after his presentation. He stayed for lunch and also spent time there talking to people. We were blown away by Jamie’s story and the impact it had on us all. There was one thing Jamie said at the end of the session that really resonated ‘ Dream big, start small’ – we loved that. Thank you again – you have both been a pleasure to work with and we will definitely come to you again in the future – we are hoping that Friday’s event will become an annual celebration.”

Emma, Head of Talent Acquisition & Assessment Services, SSCL

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