Leanne Spencer

Keynote Speaker & Wellbeing Consultant- Creator of the Agile Business Athlete™ Methodology

  • Vistage UK Accredited Speaker
  • Wellbeing Consultant for iTech Media
  • Contributing Writer for Thrive Global
  • Representative of Diversity Role Models
  • Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Research – Completed the world’s toughest ski race raising £10,125 for the charity

Discover Leanne Spencer’s biography of published work below.

Cadence Leanne Spencer
Cadence: The Secret to Beating Burnout and Performing in Life and Work
Rise and Shine Leanne Spencer
Rise and Shine: Recover from Burnout and Get Back to Your Best
Remove the Guesswork Leanne Spencer
Remove the Guesswork: The Highly Personalised Approach to Health, Fitness and Nutrition That Puts You First

When Leanne Spencer is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

The Agile Business Athlete Wellbeing
How to Better Handle Stress
Develop Resilience
Reduce Risk of Burnout
Promote Better Recovery
Retain High Energy Levels
Value Performance Over Perfection

Leanne Spencer is an accredited wellbeing consultant, famed as the Founder of Bodyshot Performance Limited. A leading expert on beating burnout, Leanne helps clients to navigate the fast-paced and demanding business environment as ‘agile business athletes’. With the Covid-19 pandemic adding new stresses to people’s lives, Leanne is dedicated to helping people find emotional and physical wellbeing, through minimising the risk of burnout, having more fun and maximising energy. When looking for a passionate wellbeing and mental health speaker, look no further than Leanne Spencer!

Forging a corporate career as an Account Director for various companies, Leanne made the move to wellbeing consultancy in 2012 – founding Bodyshot Performance Limited, a company dedicated to health and wellbeing. Using science and technology-based solutions, Leanne shares The Agile Business Athlete methodology to inspire business people to see themselves as a business athlete – paying attention to burnout, stress and energy. She is also the author of three acclaimed books, titled Cadence: The Secret to Beating Burnout and Performing in Life and Work, Rise & Shine: Recover from Burnout and Get Back to Your Best and Remove the Guesswork: The Highly Personalised Approach to Health, Fitness and Nutrition That Puts You First.

With over 10 years of experience in health and wellbeing, Leanne has over 10 qualifications in exercise and nutrition and is also a Bear Grylls survival instructor. She is also a Wellbeing Consultant for iTech Media, a Vistage UK Accredited Speaker, a Contributing Writer for Thrive Global and a Representative of Diversity Role Models. Leanne has also been a supporter of the charity Alzheimer’s Research, having completed one of the World’s toughest ski races during which she raised an impressive £10,125 for the charity. Using her power of storytelling, Leanne helps audiences to manage energy and stress levels, ultimately beating burnout.

Now booked as a mental health and wellbeing speaker, Leanne is booked to deliver her renowned The Agile Business Athlete Wellbeing Keynote. In this speech, Leanne teaches corporate teams to think of themselves as athletes, empowering them to take control of their health and wellbeing by managing and restoring energy. Sharing her techniques on how to perform at high levels but still allow breaks and recovery, Leanne encourages audiences to predict, prepare, perform and recover in their day to day life. Having delivered the TEDx talk Why Fitness is More Important Than Weight, Leanne is a seasoned speaker. Having also spoken for clients such as Britvic and IKEA, book Leanne Spencer when looking for a consummate speaker on mental and physical wellbeing.

Official Testimonials

Leanne Spencer is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Leanne was the opening keynote speaker at our annual conference. It is hard to put into words the profound effect she had on our near 100 delegates. Leanne delivered her message with such passion, expertise and skill – it lifted the room and set the energy level for the next two days”

Greg, CEO, Perfect Information

“I am very happy to have had Leanne as a keynote speaker for our global learning event. Throughout the process, Leanne has been listening to our needs and desires for content for the talk. Really inspiring and vivid digital session”

Julia, Global Health & Wellbeing Leader, Ingka Group IKEA

“Leanne is the real deal. There are a lot of imitators out there who are jumping on the holistic wellbeing bandwagon, but Leanne has been leading the vanguard in a fully authentic and relatable way for some time now. I couldn’t recommend Leanne highly enough to any organisation looking to maximise their energy, strength and joy”

Kathryn, Group Corporate Relations Director, Britvic

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