Lucy Faulks-Barnard

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Elevate & CPCC Executive Coach

  • Author for Technotox
  • Taught the Action For Happiness Course ‘Exploring What Matters’
  • Former Marketing Director for We Market The Arts

When Lucy Faulks-Barnard is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Boost your Resilience and Protect your Mental Wellbeing
Boost Resilience, Embrace Change and Thrive at Work
Wellbeing – How to Make it Matter
Emotional Intelligence 101
Learned Optimism
Positive Psychology – the Key to Happier Living
Finding Happiness in a Challenging World
Discover Values, Meaning and Fulfilment
Mindfulness – What’s All the Fuss About?
Build Awareness and Break Negative Thinking Patterns

Lucy Faulks-Barnard has over 15 years of experience coaching executives and as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Elevate, she is one of the leading experts in the field of positive psychology and mental health and wellbeing. With a deeply rooted passion for helping people, using the knowledge which she gained from none other than Dr Martin Seligman’s resilience programme, she is currently in training to be a couple’s therapist. As a speaker, Lucy has much experience in delivering talks on the topics of positive psychology, resilience, mental health and wellbeing.

Lucy was not always on the path of becoming a keynote speaker and coach on mental health and positive psychology. At the University of Leeds, Lucy studied for a bachelor’s degree in Music and Theatre. Lucy then began her career in the field of marketing, holding several notable positions including as the Marketing Manager for AMV BBDO, the Marketing Executive for The Old Vic, Communications & Marketing Manager for The Old Vic Tunnels and the Marketing Director for We Market the Arts.

Upon discovering a passion for psychology and helping people with their mental wellbeing, Lucy took three courses in positive psychology and is an ICF-accredited coach. In 2017 she co-founded Elevate, an award-winning consultancy firm that specializes in physical and mental health and wellbeing. Lucy has delivered talks and coaching sessions to the likes of Amazon, HSBC, Mastercard, Cala Housing, Sanofi Genzyme, Brentford FC, Unite Students, and Capricorn Energy to name a few. She has gone on to help over 250,000 employees across 80 different countries. A few of the awards her company has won include Best Nationwide Employee Wellbeing Company 2022 awarded by Greater London Enterprise Awards and the Employee Wellbeing Programme of the Year 2022 awarded by London & South East England Prestige Awards. Lucy is also an author for Technotox and a CPCC Executive Coach, where she is dedicated to helping young professionals make a meaningful change in the way they both live and work.

As a positive psychologist coupled with her expertise as a workplace wellbeing expert, Lucy has a wealth of experience in delivering actionable tools for companies to improve their employees’ mental health and happiness, ensuring they remain productive and healthy. This passion for helping others stemmed from her own personal struggles of suffering with mental health; she now does her utmost to ensure others do not have to suffer as she did. Combing her superior knowledge of positive psychology and her coaching training, Lucy seamlessly equips audiences with actionable tools using evidence-based solutions to help companies with their employees’ wellbeing. She put this talent to good use when teaching the Action For Happiness course ‘Exploring What Matters’. When looking to hire an expert on mental health and wellbeing and resilience, look no further than Lucy Faulks-Barnard to hire at your next event today.

Official Testimonials

Lucy Faulks-Barnard is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

Lucy was a really friendly face and definitely practiced what she preached – her optimism shone through. I also thought she was really good at explaining the technical terms she provided, always giving us examples and presenting the information in an easy to understand way. Also, the speed at which she went through the presentation was good – it was easy to digest and keep up with the information she provided. I found it really useful to learn more about positive psychology and learned optimism, and some of the technical terms associated with this. I like how Lucy gave us tips, time to practice them and also made us think about the way we might normally think and behave. I’ve definitely learned a lot and will do my best to use this starting from today!”

Grace, Account Executive, KAIZO PR

“Lucy was a wonderful addition to our sales and marketing conference, offering the chance for us all to be reflective on the challenges we have faced, particularly in the past year, and how we can build our resilience to face the personal and professional targets ahead. Her techniques were simple, and easy to apply in the day to day and the whole team found her talk and methods to be really engaging and thoughtful.”

Claire, Saled Director, L&Q

“I am thrilled to have discovered your video that fateful day. I searched for speakers, you were the first person I clicked on and I was instantly charmed. You have a natural ability to make people feel welcome and you conveyed your information brilliantly.”

Bev, The Stelter Company

Thank you for a wonderful session, Lucy! You gave us valuable strategies for managing stress and anxiety as we try to be more resilient during these challenging times. The level of engagement was excellent and I only wish we had more time for you. But that’s always the difficulty, of course. Please know that we found your talk very helpful and look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Sean, Director of People and CUlture at Exec | Comm

“Thank you so much for today Lucy. Your session was excellent and really hit the mark.”

Toby, Director of Project Managemtn & Development, L&Q

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