Paul Cashmore

Fugitive Hunter in the Hit Channel 4 Series HUNTED

  • Resilience Coach
  • Author of Game on Mutherf**kers

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Game On Mutherf**kers: Change Your Life In 7 Days

Paul Cashmore is a leading resilience and performance coach and Fugitive Hunter in the BAFTA-nominated Channel 4 series HUNTED. Having struggled with chronic anxiety for much of his life, Paul embarked on a journey to understand the cause of his condition, delving into the world of wellness to study CBT, NLP, meditation, and nutrition. Succeeding in overcoming his condition to achieve peak physical and mental health, Paul now shares tips and techniques for alleviating stress, burnout, and anxiety when booked for speaking engagements.

Having led a high-intensity career as a distinguished police officer and licenced bodyguard for celebrities, Paul has accumulated substantial experience in achieving and maintaining peak performance. With experiences such as saving the life of a celebrity client and disarming a gunman where live shots were fired, Paul has worked in environments with zero margins for error, demonstrating an ability to remain calm under pressure. Moreover, Paul has been involved in saving people from suicide attempts and has witnessed tragic incidents, including the stabbing of a teenager, which pushed his mental resilience to the limit.

To help prevent tragedies such as the one he witnessed, Paul set up a boxing project for underprivileged children, where he helped them regain self-esteem and instilled discipline and resilience in them. Furthermore, Paul has established himself as a foremost expert in the corporate wellness space, teaching his clients skills they can use to overcome the ever-increasing demands and challenges of the workplace to help them achieve a healthy work-life balance. In his book Game on Mutherf**kers, Paul candidly speaks about his struggles with chronic anxiety, revealing to readers the methods he implemented to achieve peak mental and physical health.

Backing his leadership and resilience training with experience-driven knowledge and the latest scientific insights, Paul has become the go-to coach to empower teams and executives to achieve new heights of performance. In his speaking engagements, he reveals powerful tips on how to achieve unbreakable mental resilience, mindfulness and enhanced physical health, inspiring audiences to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential. The perfect speaker on overcoming stress, burnout and anxiety, Paul Cashmore, is now available to hire via mental health speakers.

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“Engaging, Intelligent and Inspiring”

Alasdair, Saint Gobain Interior Solutions

“Your knowledge, experience, openness and engaging personality were great to learn from”

Rob, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

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