Ronan Harrington

Burnout & Resilience Specialist, Former Director of Futures Strategy & Animation at RPC & Listed Among the Top 5 Storytellers at the 2023 Speaker Awards

  • Resilience Specialist at Mycelium
  • Strategic Lead at RethinkX
  • Consultant at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Account Manager at Frank
  • Director of Ark
  • Intern at the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs

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Ronan Harrington is an industry-leading burnout and resilience specialist, highly regarded for his significant contributions in helping global companies cultivate healthy, high-performance cultures. His expertise in navigating company growth during times of change and uncertainty has earned him accolades, including Best Live Speaker and a nomination among the top 5 best storytellers at the 2023 Speaker Awards. His remarkable capacity to deliver impactful leadership programs has caught the attention of industry giants such as Deloitte, KPMG, Aviva, Sky, IHG, L’Oreal, Sage, the UK Treasury, and Oxford University, establishing him as a preferred speaker for various events. Ronan’s ability to inspire and transform corporate audiences makes him the ultimate choice for those seeking a speaker who can genuinely make a difference.

After graduating from the University of Galway in 2008, Ronan began his career with an internship at the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs. His leadership skills quickly propelled him to the role of Director at Ark in 2009, significantly broadening his industry knowledge and experience. By 2012, he was recognised as a Consultant for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, where he played a crucial role in a project envisioning the world of 2030. His subsequent positions as a Strategic Lead for RethinkX and a Resilience Specialist for Mycelium underscore his commitment to promoting societal resilience, showcasing his journey from a promising leader to a dedicated advocate for change.

Ronan’s path to becoming a respected resilience expert is both personal and inspiring. Diagnosed with a lifetime chronic illness, he discovered the profound importance of resilience for overall health and wellbeing. This realisation fuelled his mission to share these critical insights through motivational training sessions that have benefited prestigious clients like Deloitte, Sky, L’Oreal, the UK Treasury, and Oxford University. His workshops are designed to empower individuals, providing them with the tools to overcome adversity and thrive in challenging environments.

Today, Ronan Harrington is a sought-after speaker on the global stage, with over a decade of experience in fields such as burnout, leadership, wellbeing, and vulnerability. His deep expertise and engaging presentation style resonate with a wide audience, making him a top choice for keynote speaking engagements. For event organisers looking to make a lasting impression on their audience, Ronan offers invaluable insights and experiences that inspire and galvanise attendees, truly setting him apart as a leader in his field.

Official Testimonials

Ronan Harrington is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Ronan gave the key-note speech to all 200 of our Senior FS Consulting Leaders on the topic of ‘resilience versus endurance’. His story was incredibly moving and the way he articulated the difference between general wellness matters and, more specifically, symptoms of burnout was hugely insightful and really resonated with the room. More importantly, his approach required us to hold a mirror up to our everyday lives and reflect on how we are all taking care of ourselves and our teams. Our Leadership Team are still talking about it and it has prompted a very healthy and open discussion about how we build resilience for ourselves and our people. Thank you Ronan – you were brilliant.”

Scott, Head of Financial Consulting, Deloitte

“I left Ronan’s talk truly speechless and determined to take better care of myself. He tells his resilience story through sharing deeply moving lived experiences, anchoring it with compelling science, breathing it to life with humour and relatability – a rare, powerful alchemy that goes so far beyond a typical “keynote speaker” it seems a miss to even refer to it as that. Essential. Inspirational. Human.”

Julia, Director, Employee Experience AKQA

“Ronan is a world class resilience teacher. His ability to connect leaders with themselves and each other is rare.”

John, Head of Strategic Relationships, KPMG

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