Ryan Hopkins

Future of Wellbeing Lead at Deloitte, Global Workplace of the Future Lead for Finastra, & The UK's Wellbeing Leader of the Year

  • Future of Wellbeing Lead at Deloitte
  • Former Global Workplace of the Future Lead for Finastra
  • The UK’s Wellbeing Leader of the Year
  • The Inspiring HR Leader of the Year

  • 2022 – Future of Wellbeing Lead for Deloitte
  • 2021 – Global Workplace of the Future Lead for Finastra
  • 2021 – Qualification in The Science of Wellbeing from Yale University
  • 2020 – Colleague Experience Manager, Wellbeing & Collaboration Lead for Sainsbury’s Digitial, Tech and Data
  • 2017 – Future of Work Consultant for Deloitte
  • 2017 – BA in International Business Management from Oxford Brookes University
  • 2015 – BA in International Business Management from London Metropolitan University
  • 2009 – Banking Advisor for Halifax

When Ryan Hopkins is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Future of Work
Employee Experience

Ryan Hopkins has devoted his career to creating a future in which people feel happy, healthy, and productive at work. Currently fulfilling the role of Future of Wellbeing Lead for Deloitte, he has developed an illustrious career for himself working in numerous HR and future of work roles. Having gained vast knowledge of the changes that need to be implemented within the workplace, Ryan aims to develop an environment where employees will thrive. When looking to hire an experienced speaker who is confident in delivering speeches in front of audiences of all sizes, look no further than Ryan!

Beginning his professional career as a Future of Work Consultant for Deloitte, Ryan was responsible for the development and design of the company’s well-being strategies. Advancing upon his career, he secured the role of Colleague Experience Manager, Well-being, and Collaboration Lead for Sainsbury’s Digital, Tech, and Data in 2020. As a key member of the team, he made some important changes throughout his time at the company, and under his lead, he increased the Colleague Happiness NPS Score by 72%. In 2021, Ryan began working for Finastra as their Global Workplace of the Future Lead which allowed him to enable 10,00 of the businesses employees to gain freedom in the workplace.

Passionate for implementing positive change, Ryan returned to work for Deloitte as their Future of Wellbeing Lead in 2022 to continue advancing upon the strategies he had put in place at the start of his career. With a profound career behind him, Ryan continues to work towards creating lasting change within the working environment and creating a shift in the culture that will allow employees to flourish during their time at work. Having explored everything from a four-day working week to hybrid working, he has been able to forecast what he believes the future of work will entail.

As an expert in his field, Ryan has become highly sought-after as a workshop facilitator and keynote speaker on workplace wellbeing. Using data and technology to influence his research, Ryan utilises his social media presence to understand exactly what the community is looking for in terms of change within the workplace. Recognised for his dedication towards the future of work, he has been a finalist in the UK’s Wellbeing Leader of the Year awards and the Inspiring HR Leader of the Year awards. Having previously struggled with mental health, he aims to ensure that there is support for anyone who needs it, both in and outside of the workplace.

Official Testimonials

Ryan Hopkins is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Ryan brought great focus, practical advice and visibility to the digital balance and future of work at Finastra. His approach and actions turned what could have been a performative token gesture into an internal cultural shift which made a real difference… I found his advice enabled me to model, and expect, healthier work practices.”

Sarah, Customer Success Enablement and Operations Leader, Finastra

“Ryan is an incredible wellbeing and collaboration leader… he has achieved so much – often encouraging colleagues to prioritise physical health, mental health, great tips and techniques on how to sustain a lifelong commitment to personal wellbeing… a burst of energy and a ray of positivity who is very approachable, fun and knowledgeable.”

Rebecca, Agile Coach, William Hill

“Integral and driving force behind business change”

Mike, Head of Diversity (Intelligent Infrastructure), Network Rail

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