Shaun Flores

Mental Health Advocate, Professional Model, TEDx Speaker.

  • 2x TEDx Speaker
  • Host of the ”Flower Hour” Podcast
  • Collaborated with ASOS, UBER, John Lewis and Peloton
  • Published articles in Treat my OCD, The Book of Man, The Model Cloud Magazine and Kindred Magazine.
  • Delivered a lecture at the BAME conference at Roehampton University

When Shaun Flores is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Mental Health & Wellbeing
Mental Resilience
Culture & Society

Shaun Flores is an influential character whose interests and expertise lie within mental health, well-being, lifestyle and skincare. As an OCD advocate, model, actor and TEDx speaker, Shaun uses his personal experiences as a speaker to connect and educate audiences on the stigmas surrounding mental health and specifically OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

After suffering with the symptoms of OCD, Shaun sought help and was medically diagnosed at the age of 27 at which point he began working with a therapist on managing his symptoms. Following his diagnosis, Shaun started to understand his condition further and develop a passion for education around OCD and has gone on to work with various charities and detailed his personal battle in various articles for publications such as Treat my OCD, The Book of Man, The Model Cloud Magazine and Kindred Magazine. His aim is to remove the stigma around mental health issues and encourage others to seek help when they are struggling.

As well as being a mental health advocate, Shaun has had a successful career as a model in which he has collaborated with ASOS, UBER, John Lewis and Peloton. With a determination to drive change, Shaun uses his platform to raise awareness on various topics close to him personally. An advocate for OCD and diversity, Shaun has delivered multiple TEDx Talks sharing his thoughts around male mental health as well as multiculturalism. Furthermore, he delivered a lecture at the BAME conference at Roehampton University extending his credibility. Shaun also hosts his own podcast ‘Flower Hour’ where he discusses current societal issues and aims to educate his audience through diverse conversations. He interviews people from all walks of life gaining an understanding of them as a person and enriching the audience with widespread knowledge and opinions.

As a speaker, Shaun offers a passionate outlook that will captivate any audience. His story is truly moving and inspirational, delivered in a way unique to Shaun. A confident speaker with life experiences that stretches far beyond his years. Shaun Flores is available to book now via The Mental Health Speakers Agency. Contact us today!

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