Mental Resilience

As life throws one challenge after another, mental resilience is essential for managing change and overcoming adversity. These expert speakers have cracked the code for a stronger mind, the secrets of which they share with audiences at events.

Mental resilience must be a priority for businesses, as a resilient workplace enjoys increased productivity. To support their employees’ mental health, senior members often book resilience speakers to supply strategies for change management.

In the workplace, mental resilience allows employees to manage a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, and maintain consistent results. As such, business owners regularly turn to the speakers featured below to empower their staff.

Dr Alex George

A&E Doctor, Appointed the UK Mental Health Ambassador by the Prime Minister

Matt Ellison

Former Co-Chair of London's Trans Male Support Group FTM & Author of The Transgender Journey

Rebecca Adlington

Double Olympic Gold Medallist & World Record Breaking Swimmer

Victoria Pendleton

Double Olympic Gold Medallist & Nine Time Cycling World Champion

Martine Wright

7/7 London Bombing Survivor & Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Player

Katie Piper

Acid Attack Survivor, Founder of the Katie Piper Foundation & Mental Health Advocate

Leon Rolle (Locksmith)

Member of Rudimental & Founder of Youth Football Programme

Timothy Bradshaw

Former Covert Human Intelligence Officer & Trained Mental Health First Aider

Caspar Craven

Founder & CEO of ‘Big Bold Goals’ Who Sailed The World Twice

Jordan Stephens

Rizzle Kicks Star Who Fronted the #IAMWHOLE campaign & Hosts the Whole Truth Podcast

Jonny Wilkinson

Winner of the 2003 Rugby World Cup & Advocate for Anxiety Awareness

Harnaam Kaur

Inspirational Catwalk Model, PCOS Sufferer, Activist & TEDx Speaker 'Empowerment Through Confidence'

Each year, World Mental Health Day highlights the importance of resilience, especially in the workplace. The World Health Organisation recognises this special day on the 10th of October, as an opportunity for people to come together and destigmatise mental health conditions.

Mental Health Day speakers specialise in resilience, as it is a key factor of emotional strength. They rebalance a workplace’s priorities, to value mental health as a vehicle for better performance and productivity.

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