Mental Resilience

As life throws one challenge after another, mental resilience is essential for managing change and overcoming adversity. These expert speakers have cracked the code for a stronger mind, the secrets of which they share with audiences at events.

Mental resilience must be a priority for businesses, as a resilient workplace enjoys increased productivity. To support their employees’ mental health, senior members often book resilience speakers to supply strategies for change management.

In the workplace, mental resilience allows employees to manage a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, and maintain consistent results. As such, business owners regularly turn to the speakers featured below to empower their staff.

Jonathan Smallman Davies

Mental Health Support at The Silverling & Proud Recipient of the Sword-of-Honour at The Royal Military Academy

Paula Reid

Founder of Paula Reid & Adventure Psychology & the 3rd ever British woman to trek 1000km to the South Pole

Nikki Retigan

Founder of The Epic Life Coach Ltd & Certified Hypnotherapist

Shona Hirons

Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Published Author & Former Lawyer

Gail Muller

Founder of The Unlost Collective, Neurodivergent & Inspirational Speaker

Lucy Faulks-Barnard

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Elevate & CPCC Executive Coach

Gail Porter

Television Presenter, Former Model & Actress, Subject of BBC's 'Gail Porter Laid Bare'

Katherine Baldwin

Wellbeing Coach, Mental Health Advocate & Former Reuters Journalist

Jamie Andrew

Remarkable Scottish Mountaineer, & Passionate Mental Health Advocate

Derek Redmond

Director of Development for UK Athletics, the CEO of Olympex, & Board Member and Ambassador for Nike

Claire Lomas

Paraplegic Sportswoman, Passionate Mental Health Campaigner, & The First Person to Walk the London Marathon in a ReWalk suit

Each year, World Mental Health Day highlights the importance of resilience, especially in the workplace. The World Health Organisation recognises this special day on Wednesday 10th of October 2023, as an opportunity for people to come together and destigmatise mental health conditions.

Mental Health Day speakers specialise in resilience, as it is a key factor of emotional strength. They rebalance a workplace’s priorities, to value mental health as a vehicle for better performance and productivity.

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