Alexandra Neilan

Mental Health Advocate & Co-Founder of Health is Wealth Group

  •  Nutritionist and Naturopath at Amchara
  • Thermal Imaging Technician at The Natural Doctor
  • Pursuing an MSc in Neuroscience from King’s College London

Alexandra Neilan stands at the forefront of the mental health and wellbeing sector as the Co-Founder & CEO of the Health is Wealth Group. Her visionary approach is dedicated to transforming how businesses perceive and facilitate the health and well-being of their employees, recognising this as a cornerstone for organisational success. With her extensive background and passion for health and wellness, Alexandra has made it her mission to enrich corporate environments by integrating comprehensive wellbeing strategies. Now stepping into the limelight as a keynote speaker, she offers her vast expertise to a broader audience, aiming to inspire and educate on the pivotal role of health in achieving both personal and professional excellence.

Educationally rooted in the sciences, Alexandra’s academic journey is as impressive as her professional achievements. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology from Kingston University, her research into the preventative aspects of vitamin D supplements against Parkinson’s disease highlights her early commitment to health innovation. The transition from a Thermal Imaging Technician learning about nutritional breast cancer prevention to pursuing an MSc in Neuroscience at King’s College London underscores her deepening dedication to understanding the human body’s complexities. This continuous pursuit of knowledge equips her with a unique perspective on health and wellness, blending scientific rigor with practical applications.

Within her role at Amchara as a Nutritionist and Naturopath, alongside her pioneering work with the Health is Wealth Group, Alexandra has been instrumental in developing and implementing wellness initiatives that go beyond conventional approaches. The Group’s focus on educational programmes and health checks, such as blood testing and biometrics, represents a holistic approach to corporate well-being. Her efforts aim not just at disease prevention but at fostering an environment where employees thrive, underpinned by personalised health protocols. This innovative model serves as a testament to her belief in proactive, rather than reactive, health management.

Alexandra’s expertise and charismatic delivery have made her a sought-after speaker, exemplified by her invitation to address the Multilaw EMEA Regional Conference. Her ability to convey complex health and wellness concepts in an accessible manner has garnered respect across various sectors. Alexandra Neilan’s commitment to enhancing the well-being of individuals within corporate settings not only marks her as an expert in her field but also as a visionary leader poised to shape the future of corporate health and wellness. Her availability as a keynote speaker presents an invaluable opportunity for organisations to benefit from her insights, driving forward the agenda of health as an integral component of success.

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