Mental Health

Our mental health speakers include sufferers of depression and anxiety, and psychologists who have dedicated their lives to understanding the mind.

Mental health is one of the most important conference topics of the 21st century, as 25% of the population will be impacted by neurological disorders at some point in their lives. In response, these inspiring speakers attend events to highlight the impact of external stressors, especially in the workplace.

Whatever your requirements, our wide selection of experts have each experienced the impact that mental health illnesses have, whether first or second-hand. They are fully equipped to discuss all aspects of the topic, and therefore resonate with a diverse range of guests at events.

Nigel Owens

Former International Rugby Union Referee, World Record Holder for the Most Test Matches Refereed and an LGBT Advocate

Dr Alex George

A&E Doctor, Appointed the UK Mental Health Ambassador by the Prime Minister

Matt Ellison

Former Co-Chair of London's Trans Male Support Group FTM & Author of The Transgender Journey

Victoria Pendleton

Double Olympic Gold Medallist & Nine Time Cycling World Champion

Martine Wright

7/7 London Bombing Survivor & Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Player

Katie Piper

Acid Attack Survivor, Founder of the Katie Piper Foundation & Mental Health Advocate

Leon Rolle (Locksmith)

Member of Rudimental & Founder of Youth Football Programme

Owen O’Kane

Author of the Sunday Times Best Seller Ten to Zen & Clinical Lead for the West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Hope Virgo

Author of Hope Through Recovery & Founder Of Dump The Scales Campaign

Dave Gibson

Founder of & Qualified Osteopath

Rianna Patterson

Social Entrepreneur, Global Speaker & Mental Health Advocate

Timothy Bradshaw

Former Covert Human Intelligence Officer & Trained Mental Health First Aider

These speakers are regularly booked for Mental Health Awareness Week, an event that takes place from the 10th to the 16th of March. Many businesses organise internal conferences to recognise the week, using it as an opportunity to educate and empower their employees.

Dedicated Mental Health Awareness Week speakers attend events during this period to destigmatise emotional disorders, and promote healthy coping mechanisms. They specifically target corporate audiences to nurture a positive workplace culture, that allows employees to thrive.

To hire a mental health speaker for your event, contact a booking agent via phone, email or online contact form.