The topic of wellbeing has become increasingly popular at events, with more business owners than ever recognising the importance of emotional support in the workplace. At events, wellbeing experts are booked to discuss stress management techniques and promote the power of self-care, leading to life-changing results.

A report found that when a business does not support employee wellness it will suffer a 17.5% reduction in productivity, reflecting how a lack of support may inhibit a company’s potential. Companies that supply wellbeing initiatives are often more productive, innovative and experience lower turnover, as staff are less likely to burn out.

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Leanne Spencer

Keynote Speaker & Wellbeing Consultant- Creator of the Agile Business Athlete™ Methodology

Petra Velzeboer

Co-Founder of My Whole Self, CEO of Petra Velzeboer Ltd, Psychotherapist, Cult Survivor & Mental Health Expert

Martin Roberts

A survivor of Britain's worst ever sporting disasters & now founder of Keep In Mind Ltd & a Mental Health Lead at one of the UK's largest Banks

Dr Alex George

A&E Doctor, Appointed the UK Mental Health Ambassador by the Prime Minister

Jess Sugden

Professionally Trained Dancer & Qualified Instructor at House of VOGA

Matt Ellison

Former Co-Chair of London's Trans Male Support Group FTM & Author of The Transgender Journey

Rebecca Adlington

Double Olympic Gold Medallist & World Record Breaking Swimmer

Katie Piper

Acid Attack Survivor, Founder of the Katie Piper Foundation & Mental Health Advocate

Sarah Macklin

Founding CEO of the Be Well Collective, Fashion Model & Nutrition Specialist

Owen O’Kane

Author of the Sunday Times Best Seller Ten to Zen & Clinical Lead for the West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Hope Virgo

Author of Hope Through Recovery & Founder Of Dump The Scales Campaign

Dave Gibson

Founder of thesleepsite.co.uk & Qualified Osteopath

Wellness is recognised every year through World Wellbeing Week, a celebration taking place from the 21st to the 30th of June. The event is an essential opportunity for businesses to conduct mental health training, and teach their employees how to manage their stress.

From nutrition to exercise, these speakers supply leading advice on emotional wellbeing in its many forms. Audiences come away inspired, and with a new perspective on self-care. Such advice leads to better stress management.

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